About ME

My introduction to creating jewelry was through classes I took at a local museum in Racine, Wisconsin. In these classes, we were allowed to let our imaginations take us in many directions: casting, fabrication, polishing and setting stones. Immediately, I found my passion.

The process of working with wax, creating sculptures in miniature of my own designs and allowing my imagination to unfold, is a wonderful creative expression. Transforming these waxes through the casting process, into beautiful pieces of jewelry, watching the transformation from the mesmerizing molten metal to the rough unpolished piece and then to the highly polished finished jewelry, continues to draw me in. My search took me to the renowned Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco. There I studied with master craftsmen and learned the technical aspects of goldsmithing, wax making and stone setting.

Each ForeveRing™ is a handcrafted expression of my love and passion for creating a special piece of jewelry that will hold special meaning to the individual wearing it.



Email: myforevering@gmail.com

Phone: (262) 945-2663

Each ForeverRing is handcrafted and custom made to your specifications. Please contact me to discuss the options and pricing for your ForeveRing.